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Tips to make Supermarket Free This May a success

May is Supermarket-free month! We share a few tips to help you get involved and tweak your shopping habits.

DIY Relaxing Bath Soak For Mother's Day

This DIY Relaxing Bath Soak is the perfect Mother's Day Gift that nourishes and soothes the nervous system and muscles.

Little Mashies Reusable Food Pouches + Nutritious Recipes

Little Mashies Reusable Food Pouches are ideal for convenient healthy meals and snacks. We share how to use them and a few recipes from kids nutritionist, Sarah Appleford.

How to hop to a low waste Easter

At Whole Store, we're making a conscious effort to reduce our footprint with meaningful lifestyle changes. This doesn't stop at big celebrations like Easter.

DIY Bentonite Clay Mask to hydrate your skin

A bentonite clay face mask is a great way to nourish and hydrate your skin. A change in seasons can be taxing on the skin, so now is the ideal time to give your skin some nourishment.

25 simple self-care ideas

We share 25 simple and affordable self-care ideas that can help replenish energy and give you a fresh outlook. 

5 reasons to use a tongue scraper

Brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing regularly is essential for oral hygiene, but what about your tongue health? Time to invest in a tongue scraper! 

We Answer All Your Menstrual Cup Questions

Thinking about using a menstrual cup but hesitant to make the switch?We get it! What size should you choose? Will it leak? Will it get stuck?! We answer your top menstrual cup questions.

Guide: Shopping in-store at the Whole Store Refillery

Looking to cut down your waste in 2022 and use natural products?The Whole Store Refillery is helping you do just that!If you're wondering how it works, take a look below at the in-store and online shopping refill options at Whole Store. Shopping in-store at the Refillery -  Step By Step...

How to Naturally Protect Your Skin This Summer

When it comes to being sun smart most of us think about slapping on some sunscreen and wearing a hat. However, there are lots of ways you can naturally protect your skin this summer so you can remain youthful, glowing and cancer-free. 

Tips to reduce your plastic use in 2022

Make a good start in 2022 by reducing your plastic use and your footprint with these tips.

Top 6 chemicals in hand soap to avoid

Have you found yourself washing your hands more frequently? Our skin absorbs everything we put on it, so while hygiene is important, knowing what you're washing your hands with is vital for your health.

10 Ways to be environmentally friendly at home

It's incredible to think Australians throw out over 2.7 tonnes of waste per year! Our lifestyles are heavily built around consumerism, so it's no wonder tossing out excess food, packaging, old clothing has become the norm.Changing our everyday habits at home is one way we can work together to tame...

How to use an Ethique Shampoo Bar

Are you new to the world of shampoo bars? Breaking up with your favourite shampoo to try a zero-waste bar can be daunting. Is your frizz going to get out of control? Are your locks going to lose their shine? Will your hair look limp and lifeless? Trust us, we...

Q&A with our Whole Store founder

Welcome to Whole Store! Whole Store is a physical and online store that offers natural and sustainable products to help you live more consciously. Founded by osteopath, Faye Kendall, Whole Store began out of a desire to continue to support clients outside the realm of the clinic space. With many...