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25 simple self-care ideas

If you feel emotionally depleted, you're not alone. We've had a heavy start to 2022 off the back of a couple of taxing years. Right now, many people are craving self-care. 

We share 25 simple and affordable self-care ideas that can help replenish energy and give you a fresh outlook. 

  1. Move your body
    Moving helps get your energy flowing and your endorphins pumping. Rather than stick to your standard exercise regime, try something new and listen to your body. If you're feeling stressed and emotional, opt for a gentler form of movement like yoga, tai chi, walking or swimming. 

  2. Get out into nature
    Flick your shoes off, hug a tree or lay on the grass. Get out into the fresh air and sunlight to soak up nature's beauty. 

  3. Have a bath
    Add some dead sea salts or magnesium flakes to your bath for the ultimate form of relaxation. 

  4. Pick up a book
    Switch off Netflix and pick up a book. Not sure where to start? Join a local book club.  

  5. Meditate
    Switch on a meditation app or simply set a timer for a few minutes and focus on your breath. Let your thoughts come and go while you settle in and chill out. 

  6. Practice gratitude
    At the end of your day, write down two things that you're grateful for or that made you happy. Refer back to these when you're feeling overwhelmed or defeated. 

  7. Nourish your body 
    Do a pantry and fridge audit and nourish your body with nutritious, whole foods. What can you do to improve your next meal or snack? Why not start with a nourishing smoothie with Nutra Organics Thrive Protein

  8. Drink up
    Water, not the other liquids you may be tempted to indulge in. Keep hydrated to re-energise and gain clarity. 

  9. Go dancing
    Let down your hair and dance like no one is watching. 

  10. Unplug
    Switch off your devices for an evening, a day, a weekend. 

  11. Make a face mask
    Settle in for the night and make a hydrating face mask. Try this DIY Bentonite Clay Mask recipe

  12. Take a course
    Jump online and sign up for a short course or check out what workshops are available locally. 

  13. Go to bed earlier
    Establish a relaxing bedtime routine. Enjoy a week of early nights to ensure you're getting enough quality sleep consistently. 

  14. Listen to music
    Switch off the news and turn on music. 

  15. Be silent
    Need to catch your breath?Turn off all audio and even refrain from speaking for the next few hours or the entire day. 

  16. Treat yourself to a massage
    Lay down and let someone else ease your tension away during a relaxing massage. Go on, book one in today

  17. Take a dip
    Head down to the beach and take a dip in the refreshing water. Be brave and head into the water even if it's cold. It will be so invigorating and elevate your mood. 

  18. Reorganise your diary
    Reschedule meetings and commitments according to your mood. 

  19. Make a body scrub
    Treat your skin to a homemade body scrub. Try a coffee or sugar scrub while you enjoy your relaxing bath. 

  20. Roll out the tension
    Grab some massage balls or a cork roller and roll out your muscular tension. 

  21. Get social
    Call a friend or meet a group for a social catch up. Bonus points if you spend your time outside in nature or moving your body. 

  22. Have a photo day
    Grab your camera and spend the day observing and taking photos of things that catch your eye. 

    Simple self care ideas
  23. Create a mood board
    Create an inspirational mood board to give you a fresh outlook or motivation to go for your goals. Make a pinboard or go digital with Pinterest.  

  24. Book a psychology appointment
    If you've found yourself in a funk or struggling with some emotions, book yourself in for a psychology or counselling session. Sometimes talking with someone outside of your circle can help you gain a new perspective on things. 

  25. Set positive affirmation reminders
    Set a few positive affirmations on your phone as reminders. Try daily, weekly or space them out significantly so that sometime in the future you get a little pick me up.