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Our Story

Whole Store Geelong West

Our aspiration is for natural, reusable and sustainable products to be the norm, not the exception.

Whole Store was born in response to our clients and local community's need for transparency and knowledge as they slowly transform their way of living.

As a health care practitioner, I spend my days supporting clients to enhance their health in all areas of their life. In recent years, it has become evident there is a growing desire to live more consciously and choose products that complement their therapeutic treatment.

Our community have always sought advice around healthy food and supplements. However, more recently clients have begun questioning the ingredients in their skincare and household products as awareness of the harmful effects of chemicals has grown. Collectively, we have been slowly minimising our use of disposable plastics and choosing sustainably made products that reduce our footprint.

Like me, our clients have been looking for ways they can reduce their toxin exposure and waste while strengthening their understanding of what it really means to live a natural, eco-friendly lifestyle.

I wanted to share my knowledge with the broader community. Whole Store offers an opportunity to help support people outside the treatment room to make natural, reusable and sustainable living the norm, not the exception.

At Whole Store, you'll find a collection of brands that you can trust. We've done the research, finding products and deciphering the ingredients so that you know whatever you're purchasing is going to be good for you and the planet.