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How to hop to a low waste Easter

Walk down the supermarket aisle with the Easter goodies and you'll see a lot of single-use or plastic items. From foil easter egg wrappers and plastic packaging to single-use party supplies and plastic toys.

At Whole Store, we're making a conscious effort to reduce our footprint with meaningful lifestyle changes. This doesn't stop at big celebrations like Easter.

Did you know that only 13% of plastic waste is recycled and 84% ends up in our landfills?

Rather than fill our shelves with commercialised Easter paraphernalia, we're taking a different approach and we'd love to inspire you to join us in a low-waste Easter.

How to hop to a low waste Easter

low waste easter

1. Focus on the experience

The memorable aspect of annual celebrations like Easter is the experience. Early morning Easter egg hunts, time spent with loved ones and of course hot cross buns straight out of the oven are some of the many highlights.

This Easter, emphasise the experience rather than overindulging in chocolate and Easter-themed toys that will evidently find themselves in landfill. Consider zero-waste gift options like seeds for the garden, Honeysticks Non-toxic Crayons, movie tickets, Natural Bath Colour Drops or a trip to the zoo.

2. Reuse and repurpose

It's tempting to buy new things like Easter eggs baskets and decorations to add to the festivities. This Easter, why not embrace the "reuse and repurpose" mindset.
Use a basket, kitchen bowls or canvas bags for the Easter egg hunt. Cut up old magazines or newspapers for bunting. Use Easter egg packaging as moulds to make your own homemade chocolates.

3. Choose unpackaged or sustainably packed products

Make a commitment to refuse plastic packed Easter products. Look for unpackaged alternatives to those foil and plastic-wrapped chocolates.
Hop into our store and pick up some delicious Loco Love chocolates or decedent Sacred Taste Chocolate Powder - we have unpackaged and sustainably packed options.
or venture to your nearest bulk food store and select some unwrapped products.

4. Opt for quality over quantity

Do you really need to purchase a mega box of chocolate eggs? This Easter, dial it back and shop with restraint choosing quality over quantity. Not only will you enjoy a healthier Easter, but you'll also be producing less waste.

5. Recycle correctly

You know you can't just through everything in the recycling and hope that it's sorted right? Rubbish has to be sorted correctly otherwise it's contaminated waste. Here are a few tips:

  • Save all the clean, individual foil wrappers and make a tennis sized ball that can be placed in the recycling bin.
  • Reuse cardboard boxes for kids' craft activities or collapse and fold up and recycle.
  • Take your soft plastics like hot cross bun bags and mini egg wrappers to your supermarket collection bins.

6. Enjoy creative play

Easter is a great time to get crafty and enjoy creative play with your kids. There are a plethora of Easter-themed things you can do.
We love hand-dying hard-boiled eggs with food such as purple cabbage, turmeric, spinach and berries. You can play with non-toxic paints too!
Easter baking of hot cross buns and cookies is also high up on the list.

With a little thought, you can have an eggcellent (yes, we did just say that!) low waste Easter full of fun and deliciousness.