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Will I stink when I make the natural deodorant switch?

Let's get right to it. Yes, there is a chance that you may notice a bit of odour as you transition from a conventional antiperspirant to a natural deodorant. 

But before you give up and become convinced natural deodorant doesn't work, let's understand what's happening and why you may smell when you initially make the low-tox swap. We'll also share some tips on navigated the pit detox period. 

The benefit of natural deodorants and why you should make the switch

We all sweat. It's a natural process that occurs to help regulate your temperature and remove unwanted toxins in the body. 

Many mainstream deodorants block this natural detoxification process so you can have dry, odour-free pits. 

But their ingredients can cause bacteria imbalances in your armpits. This bacteria imbalance and overgrowth can lead to stinkier armpits when you stop using the product. 

The good news is there are many natural deodorants containing ingredients that won't disrupt your bacteria and still keep you feeling dry and fresh. 

You may just have to find the right one and give it some time to transition to a low tox product like our favourite Woohoo Body

What to expect when you detox your pits

Woohoo Body Natural Deodorant Whole Store Australia

For many people, switching to a natural deodorant can take time with some unwanted side effects. Yes, we're talking an unpleasant pong. 

This transition process can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month depending on your body. 

Here's what you can expect when you detox your pits and ditch the mainstream antiperspirants.

Week 1

You may not notice any difference to your sweet or odour levels when you first make the switch. You'll be happy you made the swap and will be raving to your friends that you've found a natural deodorant that works.

Week 2

By week 2, your body will be allowed to sweat naturally as your pores open up and any remaining antiperspirant leaves your system. You're likely to experience more moisture than you are used as the body begins to release what you've been blocking.

The increased detox of wastes and changes in the bacteria of your armpits can alter and increase your odour. Let's be honest - you may stink and be walking around with your arms positioned firmly by your sides. 

This is a good time to ensure you're wearing breathable fibres like linen and cotton instead of synthetic clothing.

During this second week many give up and ditch their natural deodorant or try a different product - keep persisting if this sounds familiar to you.  

Week 3

Your bacteria will begin to re-balance and you may notice less of an odour in week 3. The moisture of your pits will also normalise, although you may still be getting used to the idea that you sweat.

The good news is that sweat doesn't actually smell. It's the overgrowth of bacteria that causes the unpleasant odour. So once your bacteria is balanced, the odour short diminish. 

Week 4-5

By now your body should have adjusted to your new deodorant. Your body odour may have changed and for most, minimised or diminished completely.

You'll finally begin to enjoy the scents of your natural deodorant and feel more confident you won't pong out a room! 

What can you do in the transition period

Body odour is never pleasant. Short of hiding away from the world for a month while you detox your armpits, here are some options people use to help navigate the transition. 

  1. Bentonite Clay - can help to remove build-up of old deodorant and open up your pores to aid natural detoxification.
  2. Charcoal - can help draw out the impurities causing the odour such as bacteria, oils and dirt. 
  3. Arrowroot Powder - helps to soak up moisture and keep you feeling dry. 
  4. Natural Fibres - wear breathable clothing such as linen and cotton instead of synthetic fabrics. 
  5. Water - help enhance the detoxification process by making sure you're well hydrated. 

We also recommend you experiment with different natural deodorants but stick to the same brand, if possible. You may for example, find a scent that works better in combination with your body odour to minimise the impact.

You may also find your skin is sensitive to natural ingredients such as essential oils or bicarb. Most brands, like our favourite Woohoo Body have a few different types in their natural deodorant range so it might be finding the ideal product for you. 

But the best tip. Stick.It.Out! 

The detox period isn't long and once you've transitioned, you can enjoy using your natural deodorants with confidence.