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Weleda Skin Food Lip Balm


Weleda Skin Food Lip Balm is ideal for dry and chapped lips. Apply the natural lip balm to protect your smile with Skin Food Lip Balm.

When dry, chapped lips trouble your friendly smile, whip out the little green tube and put Skin Food Lip Balm to work. Weleda's lip balm is made with botanical extracts. These help to nourish your lips and soothe and repair dry lips to help keep your smile happy.

  • Intensive nourishment and protection for very dry and chapped lips, leaving them soft and supple
  • Protects lips from drying out
  • Immediate relief for chapped lips
  • Forms a protective barrier against external influences like cold weather and dry indoor air
  • Suitable for people intolerant to gluten 

Wool wax - Lanolin:

Lanolin's consistency and composition is very similar to the human skin sebum. It is gained from raw wool after the shearing of sheep. The wax is able to bind water and has a high water absorption capacity. It is therefore particularly suitable as an ingredient for products for the attention of dry and rough skin, and products in the diaper area.

Sunflower Seed Oil Wool Wax Beeswax Glycerin Viola Tricolor Extract Rosemary Leaf Extract Chamomile Flower Extract Calendula Flower Extract Alcohol Aqua Parfum* Limonene* Linalool* Geraniol*

*From natural essential oils and/or plant extracts

Squeeze the Weleda Skin Food Lip Balm directly onto dry lips and smooth in gently.

Weleda Skin Food Lip Balm