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Luna's Treasures

Luna's Treasures Hooded Bath Towel Set


After bath cuddles are hard to resist at the best of times but they'll be absolutely irresistible when your little one is wrapped up in their beyond cute Hooded Bath Towel with matching washcloth!

These Luna's Treasures Hooded Bath Towel Sets are the perfect way to dry off your baby after a lovely bath with their lusciously soft bamboo terry towel (plus some ears on the hood for added cuteness!)

And the ears? They're just there for added cuteness!

Both the towel and washcloth are backed with muslin so there is plenty of thickness for absorbency. 

Washcloth: 30x30cm
Hooded towel: 90x90cm

Material: Bamboo, Cotton. 

  • Wash in a wash bag only with like colors
  • Do not dry in the dryer

    Luna's Treasures Hooded Bath Towel Set