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Loco Love

Loco Love Higher Being - Healing Medicinal Mushroom and Adaptogen Tonic

Loco Love's Higher Being Healing Medicinal Mushroom and Adaptogen Tonic is not an ordinary hot chocolate. A delicious blend of healing medicinal mushroom and adaptogen cacao tonic has TGA approval which is the first of its kind to do so in Australia. 
This hot chocolate beverage is considered the holy trinity of healers as it contains Traditional Chinese Medicinal Mushrooms, ancient Ayurvedic Plants & Western Herbs. Combined with Peruvian cacao, carob and monk fruit this delicious drink will help you to pause and connect with your higher being.


Loco Love Higher Being Healing Medicinal Mushroom and Adaptogen Tonic is medicinal in nature and may not be suitable for everyone. If you are unsure as to whether this product is right for you please speak with your health practitioner. 


An Antioxidant that reduces free radicals formed in the body and supports a healthy immune system and general wellbeing. Traditionally used in Chinese Medicine to: — Relieve fatigue and strengthen Qi — Nourish and balance the spirit — Replenish and tonify the heart Qi


Traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine to: — Support mental recall — Increase virility and main sexual function in healthy males — Assist with recovery from illness — Support general health and wellbeing — Act as a rejuvenative tonic

American Ginseng

Traditionally used in Western Herbal Medicine to: — Relieve to symptoms of indigestion — Act as a nerve tonic — Help the body adapt to stress and relieve fatigue.

180g/ Approx 15 serves

Do not use if breastfeeding, pregnant or likely to become pregnant. 

  • Ganoderma lucidum ext. dry conc. 300mg
  • Equiv. Ganoderma lucidum (Reiishi mushroom) fruiting body dry 6g
  • Withania somnifera ext. dry conc. 150mg Equiv. Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha) root dry 3g
  • Cocoa powder 7.2g
  • Theobroma cacao (cacao) seed powder 2.4g
  • Equiv. Caffeine 4.8 mg
  • Siraitia grosvenori ext. dry conc. 12mg
  • Equiv. Siraitia grosvenori fruit dry 960mg
  • Panax quinquefolius (Ginseng) root ext. dry conc. 50.04 mg
  • Equiv. Panax quinquefolius root dry 500.04mg
  • Does not contain: crustacea, dairy, egg, fish, gluten, lactose, peanuts, sesame, tree nuts, or yeast


*All ingredients organic unless otherwise noted. Some ingredients may be processed in a facility that manufactures milk products.

Loco Love Higher Being - Healing Medicinal Mushroom and Adaptogen Tonic