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Bare & Co

Bare & Co. Reusable Hemp Make Up Face Pads


Bare & Co. Reusable Hemp Make-up Face Pads are the perfect solution to a waste-free regime that is good for you and the planet! Made with natural hemp, these pads are biodegradable and also naturally anti-bacterial.

Made with 3 layers, these hemp make-up pads are double-sided. One side is ideal for a deeper more intensive clean, whilst the other side is softer for a gentle clean. Both sides are soft and not harsh on the skin. 

Pair these face pads with your daily cleanser and make-up remover for a non-harsh clean. 

Each face pad is 8cm in diameter, made with super absorbent, soft hemp on the two outer layers and a layer of cotton in the middle.

Each pack contains 6 face pads of white, black or a combination.

Made of 100% Hemp.

Suitable for warm machine wash in a laundry bag. The Bare & Co. Reusable Hemp Make-up Face Pads come in an unbleached cotton reusable bag. All packaging is plastic-free and biodegradable.

Wash only in warm water in a delicates bag.

Bare & Co. Reusable Hemp Make Up Face Pads