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Bare & Co

Bare & Co. Reusable Beauty Tips with Bamboo Case


These Reusable Beauty Buds from Bare & Co. are the perfect alternative to single use cotton buds. Each pack comes in a sustainable biodegradable bamboo case for easy storage and travel needs so you can reuse these beauty buds over and over again. 

The buds themselves are made from soft silicone so they are gentle on your skin and super easy to clean! Perfect for make up application and touch up's

The lightweight bamboo case has magnetic clasps on both sides ensuring your beauty buds are safely stowed away whilst not in use and can easily fit inside your make up bag along with your other essentials. 

  • long lasting and reusable
  • saves thousands of disposable cotton buds from landfill or the ocean
  • 3 beauty buds with 6 shapes
  • soft silicone
  • easy to cleanPackaged in a beautiful bamboo case with two small magnets to keep closed

Clean with warm soapy water and keep stored in the bamboo container 

More Information

These are not suitable for use in the ears (really, don't put them in your ears!)

Outer case is made of sustainable bamboo. Beauty Buds have silicone tips and a polycarbonate stem. 

Bare & Co. Reusable Beauty Tips with Bamboo Case