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Bare & Co

Bare & Co. Reusable Bamboo Dish Brush


Bare & Co. Reusable Bamboo Dish Brush is a kitchen essential. 

Made from sustainable bamboo, with sisal bristles (which is 100% plant-based), this brush is reusable and waste-free. It also has a replacement head that can be used to extend the brushes lifespan. 

This brush is: 

  • Vegan
  • Made from sustainable & planet-friendly materials 
  • Suitable for kitchen and bathroom use
  • The bamboo handle and dish head is biodegradable and can be compostable at the end 
  • The dish brush head is replaceable 

1x Bare & Co. Dish Brush handle (which is for the replaceable head) 

1x Bare & Co. bamboo dish head (this is designed to be removable and as a replaceable dish sisal bristle head).

You can purchase additional Bare & Co. Replacement Bamboo Dish Brush heads here

Bare & Co. Reusable Bamboo Dish Brush