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Bare & Co

Bare & Co. Coconut Scrub Sponge - Large


Bare & Co. Scrubber Sponges are the perfect alternatives to plastic scourers. Created from coconut fibres and a non-toxic adhesive, these sponges are perfect for tougher cleaning jobs & stubborn leftovers in pots and pans!

Unlike plastic scouring pads, these Bare & Co. Scrubber Sponges are made of compostable and biodegradable coconut fibre, gentle but tough enough so won't scratch.

Large approx. 7.5 x 15cm

The Bare & Co. Scrubber Sponge is also available in a small.

Plastic-free, durable and long-lasting. Once ready to be disposed of place in the compost bin. 

The Bare & Co. Scrubber Sponges are manufactured using fair trade practices and supporting local Indian communities. 

Bare & Co. Coconut Scrub Sponge - Large