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The Sustainable Life

The Sustainable Life Pure Copper Tongue Scraper


The Sustainable Life Pure Copper Tongue Scraper can help remove harmful bacteria and improve your oral health leaving you with fresher breath.

Tongue cleaning is a traditional Ayurvedic practice that can help to remove bacteria, debris and dead cells from your tongue. Frequent use of a Copper Tongue Scraper can help to detoxify the body, slow the growth of plaque and achieve a fresher breath. 

Pure Copper is naturally antimicrobial and bacteria-resistant, making it a healthy choice in place of plastic options.

  • Daily use helps improve the smell of your breath
  • Made of pure 100% copper for superior antimicrobial and bacteria-resistant properties
  • Improves oral health by removing bacteria from your tongue, gums and teeth
  • Simple to use

For best results, use twice daily, morning and night. 

  • After brushing your teeth and flossing, relax your tongue and gently scrape, from the back to the front of your tongue.
  • The U end should be positioned at the back of your tongue and gently pulled forward. 
  • Reach as far back as you feel comfortable and repeat 2-3 times or as needed.
  • Rinse the tongue scraper and store it in a dry place.

The Sustainable Life Pure Copper Tongue Scraper