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Selenite Lamp


Enjoy the relaxing ambient glow of a Selenite Lamp in your home or workspace. The name 'selenite' originates from the Greek word meaning moon and the crystal is known to help bring clarity and calmness. 

The hand-carved Selenite Lamps come in several different sizes with no two lamps the same. 

Selenite crystal is a transparent crystal that can be helpful in clearing your space and removing unwanted energies. 

Selenite is known for:

  • cleansing
  • calming
  • protection
  • happiness


Selenite Lamps are available in several sizes. Due to their hand-carved nature, each one will be slightly different in form and size. 

  • 15-20cm
  • 20-25cm
  • 25-30cm
  • 35-40cm

Each lamp comes with a power cord (12V DC) and 1 light bulb included.

Selenite Lamp