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Pawsome Organics

Pawsome Organics DEtox DErt™️


DEtox DErt™️ is a natural worming and parasite treatment that can be given to your pet in their food. Not only do veterinarians and animal naturopaths trust DEtox DErt™️ but you can too!

  • It May help detoxify your pet's body as well as assist in the gut health
  • May help control internal parasites
  • May aid in digestion and promote overall well being
  • Certified Organic – Listed with Australian Certified Organic, a non-profit organization that reviews products against organic standards
  • Made in Australia – Mined in QLD’s Mt Silvia mine

DEtox DErt™️ is available in a 300g tub.

DEtox DErt™️ is easy to use as it can be applied directly to your pet’s food.

Simply add 2% of your pet’s daily food intake of DEtox DErt™️. If your pet is fed 100g of food per day, add 2g of the DE to its meal.

Use continuously for best effect

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) must be used continuously to work effectively. The diatom’s porous nature dehydrates the flea/worms and parasites which in turn kills them. DE is full of minerals like silica, iron, magnesium and calcium which will help assist your pet’s overall condition

For maximum health benefits

If your dog has sensitive and/or dry skin we recommend supplementing their diet with edible oil such as our Hemp oil. Hemp oil has the highest ratio of essential fatty acids available in a plant. Hemp oils are a great way of getting vital Omega 3’s into your pet. You should start to see a shinier and better-looking coat within two weeks of taking the oil.

Diatomaceous Earth is also used regularly in grain storage; which means we are all eating little bits of DE in our breakfast cereals. Adding a bit of DE to your own diet can help your skin, hair and nails look nice and lush



Pawsome Organics DEtox DErt™️