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Move Active

Move Active Resistance Band


rafted from a cotton-blend fabric and feature a thicker band for greater comfort.

Whether you're at home, on the go or on holiday, this resistance band has a non-slip mechanism that keeps it in place, so you can smash out that next workout with ease. No annoying roll-ups, no fiddling around.

The Move Active Resistance Bands are available in a light or heavy resistance for you to choose based on your training load. 

The Move Active Resistance Bands are made of a cotton blend fabric that's comfortable to wear, yet challenges you so that you get a good stretch and workout. 

The resistance bands are available in two tensions:

  • Light Resistance 
  • Heavy Resistance 

Size: 32cm x 8cm.

The Move Active Resistance Bands come with their own travel bag for easy storage and stylish portability.

Place your The Move Active Resistance Bands in a cold machine wash when they are due for a clean.

Hang to dry. 


Move Active Resistance Band