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Salt Co

Himalayan Salt Cleansing Soap Bar


Our Himalayan Salt Cleansing Soap Bar is a natural anti-bacterial and can be used to cleanse your hands or to wash your entire body. 

Totally free of chemicals, our Himalayan Salt Cleansing Soap Bar can be beneficial for those with sensitive skin, skin conditions or who need to wash their hands frequently.

  • Made of Himalayan Salt
  • Contains no aluminium
  • Contains no paraben preservatives
  • Perfume and alcohol-free 

To use the Himalayan Salt Cleansing Bar simply dip it in water. Rub the salt soap bar onto your damp skin. 

The Himalayan Salt Cleansing Bar doesn't later like conventional soap. 

Store your Himalayan salt soap bar in a dry place. Storing it in a wet area will lead it to dissolve. 

Himalayan Salt Cleansing Soap Bar